Kinetics is a manufacturer of medium and long wave electric infrared Panel Heaters and Quartz Tube Heaters.

With over 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, within the infrared heater industry, Kinetics' infrared heaters are designed and produced to be highly efficient, durable and long-lived.

Kinetics' engineering and manufacturing capability allows us to offer creative infrared process heating solutions for the most challenging applications.

Spanning for over a decade in this industry, Kinetics is a leading manufacturer of exceptionally high quality; medium and long-wave, electric Infrared Process Heaters and Infrared Systems. We have perpetually encompassed and offered technically-advanced products for process heating applications.

30-years of Engineering and Manufacturing Experience

With more than 30 years of combined experience in the industrial process heating industry behind us; Kinetics’ has developed a vast product database across several industries. We are best known for our Quartz Tubes and Panel Type Heaters, however we also specialize in complete Infrared Systems.

Lifetime Service Partnership

We, at Kinetics, have an unconditional interest in our customer’s products and the services they avail from us. Our efficient, conscientious and hardworking team of engineering and manufacturing staff assists you with your new and existing designs as well as works with you in sync on all your most demanding projects. We deliver the most varied experience and high quality products in the industry, to fulfill your project goals at a competitive price.

Furthermore, we also have the engineering potential and manufacturing knowledge to offer creative, innovative, well-designed, infrared process heating solutions for the most aggressive and demanding industrial applications.

At Kinetics, we can assist you in the engineering, designing, and manufacturing of your project needs. We take immense pride in providing each of our customers with the industry's most efficient, durable, and reliable infrared heaters, and thus, invite you to participate in our life-long service partnership.