Radiant infrared heaters work differently from the traditional heat source devices. These devices do not transfer heat from the system,but instead,distributes it evenly or outwardly in the form of radiations.

Heater Structure and its Components

There are many kinds of heaters available on the market. The main standard type of heater that is found at Kinetics consists of three main components that creates the heat in a system and they are namely;a heat exchanger (for instance:a good metal conductor such as copper),infrared light bulbs,and a fan that blows out the air onto the exchanger in order to create heat.

Primary Advantages of Using Kinetics’ Radiant Infrared Heaters

As compared to the conventional conduction and convection heating methods,our electric radiant panel heaters have several benefits to deal with. They are as follows:

  • Fast Response – Our radiant panel heaters take a matter of minutes to achieve the operating temperatures,thus proving to be energy-efficient and sturdy. .
  • Non-Contact Heating – These panel heaters have the potential to heat a particular product without any physical contact.
  • Control Accuracy – These panel heaters can be easily and accurately controlled during the operation. The infrared sensors in the system help them sense the true product temperature by which one can easily control the line speed or higher temperatures in the system.
  • Low-cost – Due to the lightweight structure,low installation costs and maintenance,the simplicity of our radiant infrared heaters is what reduces all the exuberant costs.
  • Clean Heat – Infrared heaters are absolutely unlikely than the gas-fire ovens producing no combustion,by-products,or any typical mess. The heat produced from these heaters is totally clean and uncontaminated.
  • Less Floor-Space – Any high heat sourcing device instantly increases the overall cost of the product. However,radiant panel heaters are compact,perfectly sized,and convenient to use in various industries. These compact radiant systems can be mounted vertically,horizontally,or can also be suspended from the ceiling.

Kinetics’ infrared radiant heaters can be used in any industrial field as they are extremely environmental friendly. To learn more about us and order one,contact us today. Call us at:(973) 575-5332.