Basically,thermoforming is the method of heating and molding materials in order to make industrial specific products. It is the most economical and versatile process that is available for manufacturing and packaging other products. However,to attain a uniform thickness of the final item or product with thermoforming is highly intricate. The most commonly used materials is the plastic film or plastic sheets which are measured in a range of different sizes and thicknesses.

Kinetics’ thermoforming heaters are utilized to create the required heat necessary to mold the products. There are many different types of thermoforming heaters on the market,some including convection heater ovens,electrical infrared thermoforming heaters,and gas thermoforming heaters.

Role of Infrared Heating in the process of Thermoforming

One needs to have a better understanding on the working of these heaters. Infrared heaters could have a beneficial and profitable role for thermoformers and other processes that involves high-volume packaging applications. The essence of infrared heating involves important factors categorized into three stages namely:transmission,absorption,and radiation. It is during thermoforming,infrared ceramic heaters are normally mounted on the system reflectors that array upon a platen – a part of a production line.

In the category of types of thermoforming heaters,Kinetics’ single heater is equipped to form a plastic as thick as 0.48 cm,whereas,on the other hand,our double heaters are operated entirely with the help of electricity and also have an enclosed heater area in their systems.


All our thermoforming heaters have a control wiring of 110 volts and up to 15 pre-programmed sequences. The overall system movements of these heaters are powered by hydraulics in order to ensure a powerful and smooth process. For further details,contact Kinetics at (973) 575-5332.