Stud type terminal with ceramic overcap
Quick disconnect type terminal with orientation for use with the gold reflector
Satin quartz tube with a quick disconnect type terminal and matching spring socket
Stud type terminal with indented ceramic overcap for mounting

Kinetics is a leading manufacturer of electric infrared heaters which are used in various industrial process heating applications. Our entire industrial infrared heater array is designed for accurate performance in the most exacting applications and industrial environments. As a premium service to all our customers,Kinetics offers an exceptional range of effective design and high-quality electric infrared heater products


Discussed below are outstanding benefits of using Kinetics’ industrial infrared heater products:

  • Reduced floor space.
  • Offer diminished energy consumption.
  • Have lower initial oven cost.
  • Offer lower maintenance.
  • Kinetics’ heaters reduce the overall reduction in cost of ownership.
  • All our products are technologically advanced and foremost in performance.
  • The convection design in an electric infrared heater improves drying process.
  • Offer a combination of Infrared/Forced Air Heat.

With over three decades of combined experience in the industry,Kinetics engineers and manufactures a diverse inventory of products. Our industrial infrared heaters are designed to be efficient,long-lasting,and durable in nature. The panel type infrared heaters and quartz tube infrared heaters are the main focus of Kinetics’ wide range of industrial electric infrared heaters.

Kinetics’ builds superior quality,energy efficient electric infrared heaters for manufacturers and industrialists all across the world. We offer various sizes,shapes,types,and designs for meeting diverse industrial needs and requirements. Our superior engineering and manufacturing capabilities has allowed us to offer creative and innovative infrared process heating solutions for several challenging applications.